Our Guarantee

The expectation that your landscaping will perform as intended is the most important aspect of the construction itself. Our express warranties are intended to ensure that the landscaping work we perform is free from defects and meets your absolute highest quality standards. Proper care and maintenance beyond the initial installation is the most important course of action to ensure a long-lasting and increasingly beautiful landscape over time. Most problems with plants or with any part of the landscape installation will appear within a few weeks, or occasionally within a few months, after construction. That is why we guarantee everything we install for the season it was installed in. For instance, if your landscape was installed in May, we guarantee our work until Mid-October or before the snow hits Anchorage and Eagle River.


All of our landscaping work is installed to the highest level of standards and craftsmanship in the industry. Plantings, soil preparation and turf installation are constructed according to horticultural best practices and methodology. Grading and drainage perform to the limits they were designed and, more often than not, remain unchanged from final grading. Patios, walkways, retaining walls, driveways and other structures are installed according to the manufacturer's suggestions and landscaping industry standard in Alaska (most times a lot better). We will repair any workmanship related problems that you report to us within the growing season it is installed. Damage to our landscaping work due to poor maintenance, improper watering, abuse, acts of nature, animals, or situations beyond our control is not covered. We are responsible for the correction of our immediate work only and not for the conditions that may have been caused or installed after Titan leaves the site by the homeowner, another business, or a non-related third party. We are not responsible for the repairs to our work that is the result of settling 12” below ground, see unforeseen ground conditions.


Plants & Trees

Trees and Shrubs: We will perform one replacement within 60 days from original installation for all trees and shrubs grown and installed by Titan. This covers any trees or shrubs that die, provided they have had proper care and watering. Parts of a plant may die as a normal reaction to transplanting. An injured plant will be pruned and/or trained if there is reasonable expectation that it will return to a normal condition over time. Warranty can be extended for these instances if notified of worsening conditions within 60 days of installation. Trees and shrubs planted in pots or raised planters are excluded from warranty because they are exposed to unnaturally harsh conditions and soil temperatures. Our warranty is null and void for plants that have not received proper care/watering, plants damaged mechanically, or by events of nature (force majeure), animals (moose) or insects/diseases. 

Annual Flowers & Seasonal Wildflower

There is no warranty for annuals. Survival is dependent upon proper care and watering.

Lawns: Hydro-Seeding

Our goal is for a full and consistent stand of grass that is uniform and consistent after complete seed germination on acceptable soils, typically 2-3 months after installation. We use certified seed mixes that are normally a blend of Kentucky Blue Grasses and Red Fescues guaranteed to grow in Anchorage and Eagle River, Alaska's environment. It is understood and agreed that the owner is responsible for proper watering after initial installation unless the contract states otherwise. If the lawn is found in a dry state within the first 30 days this will seriously diminish the germination of the lawn. Should the lawn be found in a dry state from a missed 24-hour period of watering than our warranty is null and void. We will reseed or re-spray any areas that have not developed. Method used shall be our option based on the size of the area and best practices. Weeds will inevitably grow during the initial stages of growth. Continued care will leave a thick rooted grass that chokes out all weeds. This warranty is for the growing season in which it was seeded or for the next growing season if dormant seeding is installed late in the season. We need to be notified within that period for any warranty work to be acted upon. We cannot be responsible for neglect, abuse, acts of nature or situations beyond our control. Bare patches due to puddling, gutters, runoff from roads or driveways, or damage from traffic areas, dogs, children, or equipment, beyond causation from other work installed by Titan, is not included. We do not warranty any seeded lawn to be immune from moss, fungus, disease or insect damage and will not re-spray for such damage except at the customer’s expense. These issues are indicators of misuse or neglect after installation and can typically be repaired with the application of lime or pesticides.

Sodded Lawns

We guarantee our sod for the growing season in which it was installed. Sod is thick, hardy, uniform in color, and proven to come back and grow every season. Some initial discoloration in the grass will occur from the shock of transplanting. This is normal and will subside once the roots take hold of the soil and receive proper watering. We cannot be responsible for neglect, abuse, acts of nature or situations beyond our control. The majority of problems with new and existing lawns are directly related to improper irrigation coverage and daily water application rates. In the event a brown area appears in your lawn, excessive puddling, or non-germination after 14 days, call us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We may increase your watering time, apply a fungicide, or provide other suggestions to try to solve the problem. The key is to immediately notify Titan by written notice, e-mail or text, or verbally, phone call or office visit.

Pavers, Asphalt & Driveways

Titan provides a warranty for the growing season it is installed on all new paver, masonry, and driveway installations.

Included in warranty:

• Deteriorated joints, if applicable
• Loose stones or bricks
• Poor level or drainage
Not included in warranty:

• Deterioration of joints or masonry surfaces due to over exposure from water, mold, fungus and fire.
• Use of any chemical to clear or remove ice or snow from surface.
• Chips and spalling caused by the use of deicing on new concrete.
• Partial or complete collapsing of the structure from any act of God, force of nature, or caused by settling under 12 inches of work performed.
• Cracking in masonry surfaces due to settling, shifting, or abuse from new construction by third parties near the location of work.
• Collision (human or mechanical)
• Improper use of structure (parking in areas not intended or not designed to withhold forces).

Fence & Decks

Titan’s fence and deck warranty is limited to failing or cracking concrete and workmanship errors such as, but not limited to, broken support beams, poor connections, or sagging gates and support columns. Our warranty does not cover repairs associated with limited frost heaving (less than 4”) above grade on posts, sono tubes, or pilings. Post holes and sono tube supports are to be dug with a bobcat and auger, except near utility lines. If it is determined that utility lines fall adjacent or on a proposed fence or that require hand digging, additional fees may apply.

Specialty Items and Accessories

Manufacturers’ warranties apply to their products (lighting, fountains, pumps, furniture, etc). Labor is not included under warranty for the repair or replacement of specialty items.

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