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Titan now offers a cutting edge service to its clients. We are now introducing an online portal to monitor and interact with your personal construction project. Our professional landscaping and sitework projects can last anywhere from one day to a few months and are quality intensive, requiring constant owner communication in order to ensure that your vision and dreamscape come true. No matter what contractor you choose to use, much of the construction will occur while you are away. Wouldn't it be nice to know what's going on at your property while you are gone? Our online portal has proven to shorten construction time and delays by upwards of 15% and allows the homeowner to stay up to date with the progress of their project. Nobody offers an interaction in Alaska like this service. Don't sign with another contractor who will keep you out of the loop. Choose Titan and stay involved!

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Personal Homeowner Log-In
Upon formally signing on to do a project with Titan, we give you the option to participate in our exclusive owner integration program. This program is completely optional and free of charge to our clients. Each customer will be given a unique log-in to access different aspects of their project and communicate with their project manager directly from our website. Our easy to use online portal allows you to view project schedules, pictures, design/construction documents, and view a database of the products that Titan offers for installation, such as paver types and colors, fence types, rock types, plant types, and retaining walls. This can be done either through your desktop computer or smartphone device and can be accessed anywhere, at anytime.
Stay Involved
You have a lot of money and plans invested into this project. We know you want it to turn out just right! Throughout construction, you will receive pictures and daily log updates of the work. You also have the ability to receive notifications and comment on the progress updates. Construction can be fast paced in order to meet homeowner deadlines and poor communication is known to lead to delays or unsatisfactory results in the work. Challenges in the construction process do sometimes occur beyond the control of Titan and yourself, the customer. The ability to notify customers and provide pictures or videos from work on-site to be quickly and easily accessed gives you the ability to make decisions that would at one time require you to leave work to assess the problem. Decisions include things like change orders, installation milestones, product selections, or approvals for final placement of plants or hardscapes.
Share your project! Let us know how we did!
At the end of construction, we upload completed project photos to the online portal and submit surveys to ask about your personal experience with Titan so we can share the results with others on our testimonial page. We also provide you with any informational documents pertaining to caring for your newly built landscape. Quality and satisfying the homeowner is important to us, that is why we also provide a warranty function for you to report any problems with our services that fall within our express warranty. This program will change your entire outlook on the construction process and give you, the client, the control you have always desired.

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